Game Stylist

A beautician is a key individual from a tribute's group alongside their guide and escort. In spite of the fact that they don't join the group until the tributes touch base in the Capitol, beauticians assume a key part in setting up the tributes for the Hunger Games as they are in charge of their open picture.

They make the whole closet of the tributes amid their stay in the Capitol before the Games. This makes a beautician the most freely known and noticeable individual from the tribute's group and a large portion of them are commonplace to the viewers as they have worked with numerous tributes. They work intimately with and regulate a prep group of three.

The 74th Hunger Games declared Cinna's first year as a beautician. Like most newcomers, Cinna was doled out to District 12. In any case, in opposition to the custom of giving less essential areas to crisp beauticians, Cinna particularly requested District 12 for no good reason. After the prep group gets ready Katniss for the pre-diversion functions, Cinna acquaints himself with Katniss. Alongside Portia, the two beauticians get ready complimentary outfits for the Tribute Parade, wanting to make a picture of solidarity in the middle of Katniss and Peeta. He particularly urges the couple to clasp hands, further reinforcing the thought of a bond between the two. Cinna astounded the Capitol gathering of people with his unordinary and stunning outlines amid the tribute parade, making "the young lady ablaze" subject for Katniss. When she admits her apprehension of not inspiring anybody amid the meeting process, Cinna recommends that she basically act naturally and envision that she is bantering with him amid the meeting as a method for staying loose.